Employee Spotlight – Chris Lantz

Meet Christopher Lantz, our fierce and endlessly amusing COO at Freight Ninja.

Chris brings a unique blend of humor and dedication to his work, infusing passion into every task he undertakes. He is deeply passionate about both Freight Ninja and his family and friends, prioritizing relationships and community in everything he does. His infectious enthusiasm ensures that our team not only succeeds but also has a great …

Employee Spotlight – Neal Revane

Marketing is like asking someone on a date. Branding is the reason they say “yes.” Customer experience is the reason they stay.

Our Marketing Director, Neal Revane takes you through his background, marketing at Freight Ninja, and life outside of work!

Employee Spotlight – Tommy Urso

Say hello to Tommy Urso, one of our newest yet impressively experienced Account Managers!

Tommy’s ready to share a slice of his professional journey, bucket list items, and shoutout a couple of his 🐐s (Don’t shoot the messenger! 😜).

Now’s your chance to match the face with the name—or the voice you’ve heard! Meet Tommy.

Employee Spotlight – Steph DeSanto

Check out this week’s Employee Spotlight featuring Stephanie “Numbers” DeSanto, our Senior Accounting Manager.

Stephanie gives us a deep dive into the dynamic field of accounting at Freight Ninja and her life outside the office.

The things you learn when the camera is rolling are surprising.

Tell us what you think! Rated PG13 for playful language 😉

Employee Spotlight – Dan Dunleavy

At Freight Ninja, it is our goal to take customer service to the next level!

We go above and beyond for our customers because we truly believe in putting their needs first. From the first conversation to the last, we pride ourselves on delivering a top-notch experience every step of the way.

Watch as our Director of Sales, Dan Dunleavy speaks about his team and our commitment to excellence! Let us show you why we’re the …

Employee Spotlight – Mike Ferrarese

Here at Freight Ninja, we’re all about offering you tailored truck, trailer, and fleet parking solutions that are much more than just business transactions. We believe in making genuine connections, ensuring every interaction is smooth and tailored just for you. We’re excited to make our service even more personal.

We decided to introduce our Employee Spotlight series!

Kicking it off is Mike Ferrarese, one of our awesome account managers. Why not take a quick five minutes …

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