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How can companies weather the truck parking crisis – Britni Chisenall, FREIGHTWAVES    June 1, 2023 

Freight Ninja tackles ongoing industry issue with secure lot management solutions

The article introduces Freight Ninja, a transportation self-storage company that specializes in managed semi-truck, semi-trailer, and fleet parking facilities. Freight Ninja aims to provide a solution to the parking crisis by offering secure and accessible parking spots at reasonable prices.


How Freight Ninja is changing the game in truck parking: What the Truck Podcast – Freightwaves     December 14, 2023

Freight Ninja’s services were the topic of discussion during an interview on Friday’s episode of What the Truck?!? between FreightWaves’ Dooner and Freight Ninja CEO John Borsellino and COO Chris Lantz. During the conversation, the pair delved into how their company is tackling this persistent issue.


How to Grow a Truck Parking Community – Truck n Hustle     May 14, 2024

In this episode of Truck n Hustle, our CEO John Borsellino & COO Chris Lantz discuss how Freight Ninja evolved from a side hustle into a truck parking empire. They also delve into parking availability, pricing & More!


Employee Spotlight – Mike Ferrarese     June 3, 2024

Here at Freight Ninja, we’re all about offering you tailored truck, trailer, and fleet parking solutions that are much more than just business transactions. We believe in making genuine connections, ensuring every interaction is smooth … Meet one of our Account Managers, Mike Ferrarese, and put a face to that name!


Employee Spotlight – Dan Dunleavy    June 11, 2024

At Freight Ninja, it is our goal to take customer service to the next level! We go above and beyond for our customers because we truly believe in putting their needs first. Watch as our Director of Sales Dun Dunleavy talks about how his background and life has brought a customer focus approach to our team!


Employee Spotlight – Stephanie DeSanto    June 18, 2024

Check out this week’s Employee Spotlight featuring Stephanie “Numbers” DeSanto, our Senior Accounting Manager. Stephanie gives us a deep dive into the dynamic field of accounting at Freight Ninja and her life outside the office


Yard Enhancements – Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin



Employee Spotlight – Tommy Urso    June 26, 2024

Check out this week’s Employee Spotlight featuring Tommy Urso, an Account Manager on our sales team. Tommy gives us some insights into his background, his work here at Freight Ninja, and a look at life outside these walls.


Employee Spotlight – Neal Revane    July 2, 2024

Check out this week’s Employee Spotlight featuring Neal Revane, our Marketing Director. Neal gives us some insights into his background, marketing at Freight Ninja, and life outside of Freight Ninja.


Q&A Interview with IOS List Found: Matt Hunsucker    July 8, 2024

From his inspiration to start IOS List to providing the trucking and real estate industries top news in the Industrial Outdoor Storage market, Matt speaks his mind on this market.

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Employee Spotlight – Chris Lantz    July 11, 2024

Meet Christopher Lantz, our fierce and endlessly amusing COO at Freight Ninja. Chris brings a unique blend of humor and dedication to his work, infusing passion into every task he undertakes.