Fulfillment Policies

Freight Ninja customers are renting spaces or equipment at one of our physical locations. These are monthly rental services rendered and charged for, with the customer agreeing to pay them regardless of the amount of time or usage spent at the actual location.

In order to become a customer of Freight Ninja, individuals must call into our offices at 844-303-1505 and be signed up by one of our customer representatives. Each customer that signs up is agreeing to rent a specific number of spots, at a specific number of locations for a monthly term. This monthly term is automatically extended except if cancelled by the customer, or if an end date is specific by the customer in the Rental Agreement.

The customer is able to pay for spot rental and equipment leasing services via ACH, Credit Card or Check.


Refund policy —

Refunds are issued on behalf of customers that have not received rental or leasing services pursuant to the Rental Agreement, with a customer that has been charged more than the agreed amount rate, or to customers that Freight Ninja and the customer have agreed upon in written communication should receive one outside of the Rental Agreement terms.


Delivery policy —

Once signing up for a rental agreement with Freight Ninja, a Rental Agreement contract will be sent to the customer for final signature. Within this rental agreement it will specify the start date, the lot of rental, the number of spots, the size of the spot and the per unit spot. The customer will provide their payment details of choice (Credit Card, ACH or Check) to Freight Ninja, who will put that into the customer profile as the recurring billing method each month.

The amount charged and immediacy of that billing will be pursuant to the Rental Agreement. Access to the spot or equipment is made available as of that date.


Return policy –

Since all property and equipment is owned exclusively by Freight Ninja and related companies, no returns (except of rented out equipment at the end of the term) are allowed. In the event of a customer wishing to receive a refund, please reference the Refund policy section.


Cancellation policy

Customers with an active rental / leasing agreement can cancel at any time by giving written notice to Freight Ninja via certified or registered mail not less than five (5) days before expiration of their next monthly term. Please contact the below for more information about any of our policies: